Badass Kitty


This is Badass Halloween Kitty.

He got caught in the middle of an unfortunate situation involving the puppy’s leash.

My very smart friend Kathy McCarthy Mendez suggested I use tie wraps to keep his bones (the metal frame) from falling apart.

Brilliant idea, Kathy! 

And so, I did it.

I tie wrapped his head, abdomen and movable tail. *Good thing I’m an experienced Endoscopy nurse because the tail was tricky. I had to make a few incisions and get right *IN THERE.*

Also, he was missing a screw, (not unlike any other member of my family) so I improvised using Mighty Putty.

Badass Kitty is now 200% badass.

While I was piecing him back together a funny-evil plot popped into my head.


Let’s say you have a neighbor who you don’t exactly LIKE.

You could hide a SNAUSAGE or ribeye or something INSIDE their holiday decorations… and wait for them to let their dog out.

With your video recorder, of course.

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