YOUR Easy Guide to YOUR and YOU’RE

Easy grammar – How to use YOU’RE and YOUR.

I’m absolutely not poking or pointing a fun finger at anyone, because I happen to know a lot of people could benefit from this very fun catchy lesson.

Plus, let’s face it, there are a lot of suckish teachers out there. When I was in elementary school I think the median age for a teacher was something like 102, so here’s your second chance to learn this shit for good.

If you happen to be fluent in Your-You’re already, this would be an opportune time to share this educational gem with your Facebook friends.


YOU’RE means YOU ARE. The apostrophe replaces the A.

Example- YOU’RE (you are) a dumbass.

*I’m totally not talking to you because that would be rude,

YOU’RE (you are) never going to pass that test.

* Ditto. Rude. It’s merely an example.

YOUR – means possession. As in it belongs to you.

*Again. Rude. Not referring to your dumbassery.

Example- YOUR grades will be reflected on YOUR awesome report card.

Is that YOUR degree in English on YOUR wall?

Now get out there and use your newfound knowledge.

YOU’RE (you are) gonna knock ’em dead.

YOU’RE (you are) oh so very welcome.

PS- this is totally going on my LinkedIn profile under publications.

Hells yeah.

This is your diploma.

YOUR very own certificate of achievement because YOU’RE (you are) amazing!

Note- This post was a learning adventure intended in good fun.


Thank you for continuing to follow this blog.  Life’s been 50 shades of bat shit crazy these days, so my posts have been kind of erratic.  I plan to be re-boarding the regular crazy train again very soon.

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Mentoring- it’s not about YOU


Because, maybe sometimes we forget…

If you’re in a position mentoring children whether it be as a teacher, coach, club advisor or scout leader, you must never lose sight of one very important fact-

Your primary duty is to serve the youth you have been entrusted with.

Your mission is incredibly important to those you lead and YOU have a huge responsibility to EACH and every one of them.

As a role model and mentor, your diligent attentiveness to their individuality, your own attitude and personal advisement or lack thereof, could make or break a child’s day, season or school year.

To you, your role may simply be means to a paycheck or perhaps something you were coerced into.

To them, this particular activity may be an important milestone that gets etched into their memory bank forever.

The movie Rudy could have had an entirely different ending or never even been a story at all.

These are important moments.

If you think for one second, this mission is about YOU, your teams record, accomplishments, awards or public image, not only are you dead wrong, you are a liability to the spirit of youth and clearly in the wrong business.

Never lose sight of how powerful your influence can be in someone else’s life.

Use your position… wisely.

Pass it on.

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