Cruisin in the Jesus-mobile


If you think your 16 year old has the smarts NOT to put the pedal to the metal on a flooded street… think again.

Yes, he did.


I guess it’s entirely possible my good catholic boy thought we were driving the Moses-mobile and the flood waters would part for us… or perhaps he had it confused with the Jesus Grand Caravan that floats on water.


I’m not quite sure, but he knows now, because I yelled “HolyHELL! and GODdammit!”

Among other things.

Also, I think my head spun around 360 degrees.

Luckily, nothing green came shooting out of my mouth on account of I didn’t eat any green veggies at dinner, because sometimes (every day) I skip the green group entirely.

A definite perk to eating whatever-in-the-hell you want.


This, of course, does not include green M&M’S.

Love those.

The moral of the story-  take NOTHING for granted when your 16 year old is driving.

Apparently, they have the same skills and mentality as a two year old driving the self-propelled Fred Flintstone car.


Also, it wouldn’t hurt if the car seats doubled as floatation devices in the unfortunate event of a water landing and for my sanity and reassurance.

Dear God,  I took the liberty of tagging you, just in case you’re busy attending to some sort of important Godly business and miss this post.


Also, you  probably need to authorize overtime for his guardian angel. That feathery-winged patrol officer certainly has his hands full with this one.


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5 thoughts on “Cruisin in the Jesus-mobile

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  4. I think he now has this. Today was a lesson he will not soon forget. However if he does not I have the solution. Have him run across the hard at full speed and time him. The have him do the same thing again only this time you and the neighbor squirt him with hoses and when his time under weather conditions is less, ask him why he thinks he can out-perform a car?
    This would be a more memorable event during the winter, but maybe you should see how he does driving on the snow first and save that for that day.


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