Attack of the Clothing Tags- Sensory Processing Disorder


Just a few tidbits about Sensory Processing Disorder that EVERYONE should know-

To children with Sensory Processing Disorder everyday stimuli can be an overwhelming painful attack to their hyper-acute senses.

What blends into the background for you and I, may cause undue stress and discomfort to a person with SPD.

Loud noises, bright lights, certain odors, tastes and food textures, tactile sensations such as clothing tags, or sock seams can cause extreme discomfort that can lead to an explosive reaction or meltdown in those effected by SPD.

Their nervous system is under attack.

Take a moment to review this checklist of sign and symptoms 

 It’s essential to understand that the child is not deliberately misbehaving.

Discipline is NOT the answer.

Compassion and understanding are.

Being aware of your child’s individual sensitivities and knowing how to best address them is key.

The purpose of this post is to merely educate you that SPD does in fact exist.

It’s REAL and can be extremely distressful.

If your child exhibits any of these signs, your first step is to EDUCATE yourself, so that you can become a well informed advocate who can gently guide them through a world that’s a constant invasion of overwhelming ouchy prickles, deafening sounds and blinding sights.

You, the parent have an imperative role in paving the way for their happy, comfortable and well adjusted existence on this planet.

Take note that not all health care providers and educators have a basic understanding of sensory integration.

In the big scheme of things, SPD is relatively new.

It is up to YOU to be an advocate.

Educate yourself, seek appropriate treatment and pass it on… to other parents, caregivers and educators.

The children THANK YOU!

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