The Bunny Who Pooped Jellybeans


How to Upscale (fancy pants name for recycle) your broken Easter decorations.

There’s no tutorial.

Just a photo for the simple-minded and you smarty-pants people.

His tail fell off.

I’m not entirely sure how, but I have a few theories:

*One of the kids threw him off the nearest cliff for stealing their Trix cereal. (Silly rabbit… LOOK OUT BELOOOOOOW!!)

*The dog ate  it. (He’ll pretty much eat anything. Nom! Nom! Nom!)

*It’s part of the resin bunny life cycle (on your 10th Easter, your tail shall drop off. Rejoice. It could have been your… !! )

*It was shot off by bad guys when the bunny kung-fu kicked the giant boulder blocking Jesus’s tomb, thereby freeing him, and saving your sorry soul from Hell and the flames of eternal damnation. (Breathe..)

*Jabba the Easter bread ATE it. (Very likely. They were in the same room. Plus, look a Jabba’s belly)

*Peter Rabbit is actually a SHE, and SHE lost it during labor and delivery. We all know how traumatic THAT can be, and plus, I think rabbits have like a kazillion babies.

(She could probably shoot candy apple bombs outta there when she sneezes… )

Never mind.

The End.

Jabba the Easter bread

Sometimes you’re minding your own domestic business making Easter breads and…

Jabba the Hut happens.

It couldn’t be helped.

The force was with me.