Chocolate ala’ vomit


When I posted the Candy-ALL-Day food pyramid, I was NOT referring to the DOG.


Unfortunately, he takes after me when it comes to being a chocoholic.


 Not to mention vomit… in the flavor chocolate.

Lots of it.

Bakers chocolate (that’s the worse kind)

We don’t do anything half-assed.

He grabbed it off the kitchen table. Evidently. (as opposed to me serving it to him in a swanky crystal dish)

He has the agility of a cat and the perseverance of a gargantua with PMS.

Kinda like me, except for the agility part. (even though I totally STUCK a cartwheel the other day)

Good news- I’m no longer limping.

Now it’s the dogs turn to be Fuck-up of the Day.

And so he is…

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