Activities that are safer than using a power drill while your wife’s napping


Activities that are SAFER than using a power drill while your wife is napping.
Yes, he did.
*Practicing handstands in the shark tank wearing a two day old tampon.
*Pirouetting over a mine field wearing a tutu made out of 100 dangling beer cans.
*Sprinting through airport security clenching a package that says CAUTION EXPLOSIVES.
*Mowing the grass in the tiger enclosure at the zoo wearing a hat made of pepperoni.
*Taking gum away from a two year old and saying NO.
*Wearing underwear saturated in gasoline to a flame throwing competition.
*Acting as the gate keeper at Walmart on Black Friday when the special is $10 iPods
*Taking a nap on the subway tracks.
Did I mention the wife had a headache?