Have you heard of WaNeLo?

It’s an Internet site where you share links to material goods that you WantNeed or Love.


Get it?

The want –  need –  love thing??

WAnt NEed LOve ~ Wanelo.

There. I spelled it out because some people’s have sluggish brains.

My thoughts??



(Insert extremely sarcastic voice here)

Because, that’s exactly what this generation of spoiled rotten entitled children needs.

More fuel for the WANT furnace.

A means to easily bookmark every. single. one. of their worldly desires in a mere key stroke.

To ponder and wallow over… what they DON’T have.

Who’s dumb ass idea was this anyway?

My daughters list is up to like eleventy-katrillion or some ridiculous numeral that’s more than $10.


Just no.

Screw you, Wanelo.

My motivation for this post was the obvious fact that my daughter is a Wanelo junkie.

I’ve had it up to HERE, so what do I do?

I hop on over to Wanelo to do a little research and open up my own profile, of course!

The plan was to playfully bookmark a few mom extravagances, so I can show her my wish list every time she tortures me with hers.

Misery loves company.

Only, something happened.

I didn’t entirely hate Wanelo like I was supposed to.

Shit. shit. shit.

In fact, it’s rather addicting… in a fabulous kind of way.

Here’s some kick ass stuff from my Wanelo folder I named, Essential Survival Stuff-

Of course it’s all for fun, because  fun is what life is all about… right?


Hamster ball for kids or me.


Fortune cookie lounging chair—LOVE!


Mermaid tail to splash around playfully and/or do laps in the pool or bathtub



Empire State Building Scratching Post for TGC!!!




Sippy Cup for Serious Wine Drinkers



The Worlds Most Accurate Clock.

Gina time!!



Instagram TP Dispenser


Human Sling-shot


Toilet decals bearing very important messages.


Clapper for Diva #14’s Drama Auditions



In conclusion, my experiment totally back-fired and now I’m left with yet another playground on the interwebs in which to burn my precious time…


And, of course, pretend I’m a 12 year old trapped in an adults body.


Which in reality tends to be fabulously therapeutic and relaxing.


The end.


In the event that you also become addicted, my user name is @extrememomgina. Feel free to follow my outrageous wish list… for the fun of it.







Addendum to “I hate it when my grocery list says… Everyfluckingthing.”

Don’t ever grocery shop after you’ve had a few drinks and your family is home starving (apparently their peanutbutter & jelly hands are broken or sprained or something like that) and you don’t have an actual list, but your brain knows damned well the list reads something like… Everyfluckingthing.

Quite frankly, the sobriety test should be changed from walking a straight line to something more challenging, like ordering lunch meat at the deli.

I bought $140 worth of whoithehellknowswhat that seemed like a good idea at the time.

At least I remembered snack food. Two bags of Halloween candy that I immediately hid in back of the toaster oven.

I’m disclosing my hiding spot because I will likely forget that I did this, but now I have *<lightbulb>* an answer key!

I’m not sure where this post is going.

Don’t drink and grocery shop.

You’re cart will end up looking like Cheech & Chong’s midnight snack and you’ll blow your big chance at snagging Mother of the Year.