MythBusters- Flies on Dog Doo Doo

MythBusters- Water Bags as Fly Deterrent is TOTAL BULLSHIT.

Breaking news…

Myth Busters- Kari, Tory and Grant have hereby concluded that the popular Pinterest tip claiming- hanging bags of water outdoors will deter flies is in fact… Total BULLSHIT.

I knew it.

I thought you should know too.

Bullshit gone viral on the Internet drives me even more bat-shit crazy than I already am.

If you’re wondering, I’m the GOOD, happy and delightful version of bat-shit crazy.

If you were wondering.

Between Facebook and Pinterest I’ve seen this so-called TIP posted like a gazillion times.

I even tried it, in the name of science and more importantly, because flies SUCK.

My experiment was not executed as precisely and scientifically as the MB team, but it was however, a credible attempt.

Basically, I hung a ziplock bag filled with water and pennies from my patio table umbrella… and continued to get dive bombed by pesky house flies that most likely had dog doo doo on their ugly little feet.

I then proceeded to take the experiment to a new level.

If a teeny ziplock bag supposedly deters flies, then a shiny blender filled with 48 ounces of water and pennies ought to scare the smelly dog doo doo right off their disgusting little feet.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Except, guess what?

It didn’t work.

That’s exactly why there’s a rolled up newspaper in the photo.

I had a feeling.

Once again, flies SUCK.

Immediately, I post my findings on Facebook, because the world has a RIGHT to know.

Naturally, most of my comments were from disbelievers who swore it worked for them.

Typical Facebook.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I gleefully stumbled upon the ACTUAL scientifically legit-as-hell episode where Kari, Tory and Grant totally BUSTED this ziplock-full-o-bullshit.


I was giddy. I’m not gonna lie.

Immediately with my Captain Truth cape flapping in the wind, I posted a link to the very enlightening MB episode on Facebook.

Typical Facebook mentality.

“It worked for me.”

Blah blah blah….

My newfound theory is THIS- the people who swear by it probably had a little picture of Bill Gates inside the bag of water that said, “If you come near this you will NOT get a zillion dollars from me.”

Translated in fly language, of course.

Everyone knows that flies are greedy little pests with poop on their feet.

Therefore, this caused them to turn around diligently and fly directly to the bank where they would open a millionaire account.

This makes total sense.

Also, a juicy myth will attract gullible people like flies on shit.


I am the Pinterest Police


Reported on Pinterest.

No shit.

Which tickles my funny bone, because I was reported for sexually explicit content.

Wait. What?

Have you seen the Extreme Mom Pinterest board- Extreme Mom This and That?

It’s a joke in the most literal sense.

As you’d expect, it’s quirky, silly, slightly off color and hilarious.


I cannot for the life of me figure out WHICH pin even bordered on offensive… in the sexual sense.


Did Big Bird take off his shirt?

I’m like the biggest prude on there.

And, PROUD of it.

I’m an admitted whistle-blower of anything and everything sexually inappropriate on that particular site.

It’s Pinterest for Gods sake . Keep it squeaky clean.


I began my fictitious career as a self-appointed Pinterest Patrol Officer when this pervert guy kept pinning skadly dressed bathing beauties in compromising positions to a group board I belong to called Beaches Beaches Beaches.

Shared or group boards are where there are several contributors.

As obvious as it sounds, the theme of this particular board is sand, surf, sunsets and NOT sleazy girls named Suzy straddling starfish.


Having these uninvited images pop up on MY Pinterest feed made me downright angry.

Who was this creep?

What-in-the-Hell’s his deal?

Does he not know the Internet is saturated with filthy sex sites for his viewing pleasure?

This is Pinterest… dammit!

I could’ve deleted the board and washed my hands of the perv, but no. Not me. I loaded both holsters and went after this guys nuts right through cyber space.


He was violating the peace and serenity of a public board with his smut…. THAT’S why.

The nutcrackers jaws were hungry.

Chomp. chomp.

*First things first. Scroll through and report every single one of his inappropriate pin-up ladies.

*Make sarcastic, rude comments that are funny-as-hell on all of his pins.

So he shines brightly in the spotlight like the sicko pervert that he is.


*Number two- check his OTHER boards, even the ones you don’t follow because wth… you’re doing others a public service, right?


Do not leave any stone unturned.

I would’ve made a kick-ass detective.

*Number three- create and post a graphic for the PUBLIC that explains exactly HOW TO REPORT inappropriate pins.

Note- Feel free to copy, paste and SHARE this beauty.


You’re most welcome.

More public service.

I’m an excellent citizen.

*Number four- create and plaster said board with personalized warning graphics bearing HIS name and hope he doesn’t hunt you down and kill you.

Expose him.

Hide and say a few prayers.

Giggle a little bit.


In the end, it took somewhere around the vicinity of two weeks to have him removed.

But, I did it.

Then it happened again.

Different board. Different person.

Here we go again.

Good shall prevail over evil.


Plus, it was an excellent outlet for my PMS.

Do not mess with me when I have PMS.

Pinterest is safe.

For now.

You’re very welcome. It was my pleasure.

Also, check out my board Extreme Mom- This & That.

It’s fun and FREE of sexual content.

The End.

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