POLICY- Facebook Share 4 Share Requests

Facebook Share4share Policy

I get a LOT of share requests.

Here’s my default response to other Facebook pages requesting to have their page shared on Extreme Mom.

My answer is-

I do share, but very discriminately.

Meaning, I only share or promote pages with content in sync with my own.

Why? The same reason the Hallmark channel doesn’t televise the Super Bowl or the Sportscasters on ESPN don’t don frilly aprons and demonstrate how to whip up tasty red velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

It’s like mixing apples and oranges.


I prefer to keep promotional content limited, as I assume most people don’t appreciate unsolicited advertisements.

You’re welcome.

Here’s a short list of things that you’ll NEVER see on EM. Aka- stuff that drives me bananas and I won’t promote.

No offense- I’m not necessarily poking fun. I’m simply giving examples. Also, I’m not against throwing these pages a complimentary LIKE- I’m just not going to promote them.

Run-of-the-mill (*yawn*) Mommy Roundtable Discussions



“Toby started using the potty today and he’s only 19 months and 5 days! <<Clap clap>> He’s so advanced for his age. Trying to get him into Harvard’s pre-K program.”

“We’re doing a space themed birthday party for Noah and got Nasa to rent us a real live space shuttle for only $6 bazillion dollars. Wait until the play group sees THIS!”

“Fans- What was your favorite birthday theme party?” Signed, Mandy ~ The Uber Bubbly Mommy Page Administrator

No offense, but join the gazillion other parents who have and will continue to walk this exact. same. path. every. single. day.


This type of forum is excellent support for new Mommy’s and I respect that, but it’s not at all in sync with the uniqueness of EM.

Furthermore, the use of the word FANS and administrators makes me want to barf up even my most favorite double chocolate peanut butter dessert.

Seriously. People with Facebook pages- you’re just a REGULAR noncelebrity folk sitting on your slipcover-ed couch typing shit into a computer that other people are reading, because… clearly they’re expert level time-wasting Facebook zombies.

Get over thyself.

You’re ten seconds of fame are up.


Q & A pages moderated by SAHM’s (stay at home moms) who aren’t Pediatricians or Child Psychologists



No way should anyone be taking advice from a know-it-all first time mommy who just happened to birth baby Perfection exactly as calculated ON her due date, and who by the grace of God (and not her expert parenting skills) happens to be completely in sync with all milestones.

Giving birth does not qualify one an expert proficient in dishing out parenting advice.

News flash. Babies are like snowflakes. Every single one is different. They are preprogrammed to be what they will ultimately be. They do not drop from your loins a mound of play dough for YOU to mold into your dream kid.

It is entirely possible that the same set of parents implementing identical parenting/discipline methods to give birth to- one super star athlete and/or Ivy League school bound kid, one child who struggles academically and one who at age 20-something is still living in the basement headed into drug rehab or working on an assembly line for minimum wage.

DNA is crazy powerful shit.

Case in point- don’t be so cocky to believe YOUR expert parenting is the sole reason for your kids success or therefore lack of.

You are not qualified to be judgy or give others advice.

Let the evidence show that my four children are clones of the Breakfast Club characters. The basket case, the brain, the athlete and the princess. Fortunately, the burnout is ME.

Same parents. Same everything. Except, they happen to be completely DIFFERENT.

DNA is crazy powerful shit.

Patty-Perfect, Nancy-Know-it-all forums drive me CRAZY.


Just no.


I don’t do sex and/or vulgarity- This is a public forum, people.


I’m far from a prude, but I don’t post pics of women with whips and chains. This is not a sex or porn site.

I tend to throw the FUCK bomb around, but I like to keep it extremely fucking classy.

I limit my cursing to the basic- fuck, shit, ass and dammit words.

You won’t find ghetto words or phrases here.

My brassy image can be attributed to the relative ease in which I speak my mind and not necessarily the use of profanities.

Two different things entirely.

I’m a classy woman who fucking swears.


Beauty pageants


I’m against any and all pimping of baby or toddler photos for votes.

Babies are unique individuals and beautiful in their own little ways.

Admit it- the contest thing is exclusively for YOUR OWN ego. “Look… I made THIS sweet thing.”

You’re soliciting attention.

Anyone can have sex. Not everyone should have a baby.

Furthermore, my youngest daughter was born with a giant hemangioma on her nose and chest (Strawberry birthmark) and I happen to think SHE was the most beautiful baby ever… because she was.

Also, as a seasoned nurse I’ve held deformed babies, sick babies and babies who were never intended to see their first birthday.

From my unique perspective all babies are a precious gift from God and not objects of beauty to be appraised on physical likeness.

Be humbled by the fact that you live amongst flawed humanity.

Be grateful for your child’s health and celebrate their uniqueness.

Be content and assured, but never boastful.

Child beauty pageants are an entirely separate topic and trust me when I say- you do not want to get me started.



I despise intentional spammers- strangers who have the audacity to request a shout-out, but can’t be bothered to LIKE the page or follow the blog they’re asking a favor of. It’s the drop-a-link-and-run method. These spammers are typically newbie page administrators who are fishing for QUICK likes, which is completely different from pages who interact on this page regularly.

I maintain a certain loyalty to regular interactive subscribers with whom I’m familiar with. Even if their page is not similar, I will go out of my way to find a common thread to SHARE.

It’s called loyalty.

*Although, in my own defense, sometimes I simply forget. I’m easily distracted on account of the beautiful gift God graced me with called ADHD.

Damn right it’s beautiful… and sparkly.

Fun fact- ADHD is not about inattention, it’s actually about over-attention; paying attention to absolutely everything and not being able to filter out the background stuff. Quite frankly, I happen to find the background stuff fascinating and I’m sorry for those of you who have sharp predictable focus. It must suck to be you.

Sorry. What were we talking about?



Give-away pages


I don’t know why they bug me so much, but they absolutely do. If people only subscribe because they’re treasure hunting for freebies, then they suck… in the literal sense, like slimy leaches.

Get a job.

Go buy your own damned diapers, air freshener, coffee cup or customized pacifier.

Any blog that revolves primarily around STUFF bores the ever living shit out of me.

There’s so much more to LIFE than STUFF.

Give-away blogs are an uber shallow place to spend your time.

It’s not my thing.

However, if you’d like to send me free stuff I certainly won’t turn it away.


In conclusion, I’m very discriminate about the content of this page. Sometimes it’s all fun and games and other times, it’s serious as a heart attack. Either way, you can be rest assured it’s a NO BULLSHIT zone.

Apologies to my WordPress readers who do not follow my Facebook page. This is not my typical blog post. I am working diligently to get my shit together and felt the need to create necessary links.

Thank you for your patience!!


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