The Purple Hair – Blue Balls Connection

Dumb shit my husband says-

“Your hair is purple. Why did you do that?”

This seriously came out of his mouth.

Truth is, I didn’t bother to write a post on my latest hair coloring accident, because it’s getting to be more like the norm for me and I don’t like to sound like a broken record.

Also, it doesn’t phase me much.

I’m very unpicky about the state of my HAIR.

This particular blunder started when I decided to use the easy breezy 10 minute color intended for just the roots.


By NOT, I mean easy or a good idea.

My roots ended up waaaay darker than the rest of my hair (Morticia Adams meets Grandma-ma), so I was like… “Shit. Now I have to color my whole entire head, because I’m starting a new job this week and I look like a middle-aged Goth Princess.”

Which, by the way, is infinitely worse than a REGULAR Goth Princess.


Any other time, when say I WASN’T starting a new job, I probably would’ve just ponytailed it until it lightened the hell up.

Mistake #2- l grabbed one of the many boxes of sale haircolor I have stashed under the sink.

For the record, I have a sizable
collection of crazy-ass discontinued (for a good reason) colors that I continue to purchase on a whim because it seems like a good idea at the time.

I apparently have a thing for red-hot hair which indeed is ‘the bomb’ on OTHER people… who aren’t me.

My brain can’t seem to grasp the other people part.

I totally know better, but somehow I continue to reject all GIGANTIC red warning flags flapping in honor of prior ooopsies.

It’s almost like the fun part of my brain is in charge and it wants to prank the rational part of my brain.

Problem is, fun wins every single time.

It’s all good though, because naturally, I love Lucy.

As for the purple hair comment, men need to remember one simple thing…

The amount of sex you’re NOT getting is directly proportional to the dumb shit that come out of your mouth.

But, you knew that.

For FUN, shits and more giggles, I’m trying my actual face out on random awesome red-heads and I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda DIGGING IT.

Chucky’s my favorite.

The thighs are about the right size, but the cartoonist forgot to fill in the rest of the body.

Chucky gets PMS.

THIS is what my hair usually looks like. The TOP picture, of course.

Ginger Katniss… Bad-ass.

Rockin’ it in RED.

2 thoughts on “The Purple Hair – Blue Balls Connection

  1. Mom don’t worry you are still hot enough to put asses in chairs. Purple hair commands more attention than brown. You would not have even blogged about brown hair.

    So tell the world they can go hump a stump, cause baby you got it all!!!!


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