Not-So-SMART Phones

Remember back in the day when people were forced to use phone booths for privacy?

Those were the days.

Lost is the era of discreet conversation.


It was a quieter more peaceful time indeed.

Today, we have busy-body phone-gabbers buzzing around public places loudly conversing (seemingly) with themselves- wrapped up in senseless gossip, appointment scheduling, (Ahem…certain matters should be kept private) making dinner plans, exchanging recipes and basically just shooting the shit.

Enough with the bullshit chitter-chatter already.

I for one, consider it in poor taste to be gabbing on the phone while checking out at the pharmacy, grocery shopping, picking up a pizza or sitting in a crowded waiting room.


It’s rude noise pollution and it makes my brain twitchy

Even worse are social gatherings where actual living-breathing people take a back seat to the almighty phone.


Common courtesy is dead.

Your phone is not a time bomb that demands your immediate attention.


Obviously, there are exceptions.

Like when my kids call- I answer.


MY mobile phone is for urgent or emergent on-the-run communication and not for chatting about my weekend plans, says me.

Also, the cell signal from my home sucks rotten eggs.

It’s like trying to have a conversation with Charlie Brown’s teacher.

“Wah Wah Wah Wah…”

Yes, occasionally most of the time my kid calls are petty, but it’s my choice to keep that lifeline open at all times.


“Ok, what flavor ice cream do you want?”

“Yes, so-and-so can sleep over.”

Also, it’s my dinner lifeline, also known as the pizza ordering communicator.


Biggest most annoying phone faux pas ever- (in the history of time)

This one happens ALL the time.

A stranger walks into YOUR personal space gabbing on full volume, so you mistakenly respond or divert your attention, because naturally you assume they’re speaking to YOU.

We’ve been conditioned to respond. When someone speaks at a certain volume it commands our attention.

You then get ‘the look’ as if you’ve just invaded their privacy.

It’s like this. When you have diarrhea of the mouth in public you simply forfeit your privacy. Period.

I’m often tempted to join the conversation and give my two cents on the matter.

“I think she should name the baby Beatrice… lovely name.”

Okay, maybe I have.

It helps convert my frustration into giggles.


Society is becoming enslaved to their not-so-smart phones.

When I’m driving or having a real life conversation, texts automatically drop to the bottom of my “To Do” list.

 It’s called living in the now.



Call me a bitch, but I’ve taken absolute control over my phone and justifiably so.

REAL life in real time comes FIRST. All electronic communication can take a number and be seated. That number may be two or it may be five zillion. 

You just never know, because life’s unpredictable like that.


4 thoughts on “Not-So-SMART Phones

  1. I like messing up strangers phone calls, when they are in the bathroom stall next to me, especially when I thought they were talking to me… “OMG, are you on the phone in a bathroom? Are you talking to your boss? Can he hear you pooping?!”


  2. It is all very rude, but other than using your phone while driving down the road (which is MY pet peeve), the absolute is in the checkout line or counter of any store where the CLERK is trying to do her job of passing pleasantries, or just to let you know your total, and SHE feels like she “shouldn’t” interrupt the conversation to do HER job! Crazy!!!


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