I’m not ordinarily the type of blogger who runs giveaways or promotions. 

Truth be told, I’m not a fan of those freebie sites at all.

Free stuff for clicks is blog bribery. Plain and simple.

I personally like to fantasize that people actually click here to get their daily dosage of nonsense and/or read my slightly silly off-the-wall tales for their enjoyment.

This is not Santa’s workshop or the damned welfare office for God-Allah-and-MorganFreeman’s sake.

Also, I have no aspirations to be Robin Hood’s side kick. (I look gawd awful in green tights for what it’s worth)

Just… no way.

This is however a fun Internet party where we gather to compare notes, laugh, snort, giggle, drink and pretend to be somewhat merry.

By drink, I’m not only referring to the indulgence of an occasional inhibition-altering adult beverage.

I’m also speaking of the all-powerful life enriching, dark liquid we pour down our throats every single morning- that sometimes turns into the entire day.


That’s what I’m talking about.

That said, I’ll admit to eagerly agreeing to trial Coffee Bean Direct’s product in exchange for a product review.

Because… COFFEE.

Hell to the yeah.

There’s oxygen, water and… COFFEE.

Also, since I’m currently unemployed, I felt a pound of City Roast Columbian Supremo coffee would be a worthwhile contribution to my families pantry.

One thing scratched off the grocery list.

Not a paycheck, but it totally counts, because… COFFEE.

Furthermore, it’s super easy to have a conversation about COFFEE.

Anywhere. Anytime. With anyone.

The world runs on COFFEE. (and NOT necessarily the brand that comes from that one place that supposedly serves donuts. That particular establishment has actually been caught with their pants down- I mean ran out of donuts, twice over the past year in my personal donut-seeking adventures alone)

You bet there was a post on THAT. Some things absolutely must be let out of the orange and pink colored foil bag.

To be quite honest with you, when my coffee arrived, I was somewhat hesitant to brew it and take the first sip, because what if it sucked?


I guess I’d have to conjure up some sort of positive spin to put in print, like perhaps the excellent potency of the caffeine or sleek eye-catching design on the bag.

I can be pretty creative when push comes to shove.

Anyway and quite fortunately, THIS coffee was delightfully righteous.

By delightfully righteous, I mean immensely smooth, rich and pleasantly flavorful.


Also, it’s caffeine kick (let’s face it, the REAL reason we all drink coffee) was FABULOUS-O.

I had an enjoyable perky morning, thanks to Coffee Bean Direct

Two thumbs up, but obviously not at the same time, because opposable thumbs happen to be that very special gift from God that allows us to grasp thou sacred java cup.

Thank you, God-Allah-and-MorganFreeman.

Humans and primates are the luckiest inhabitants on Earth.

To order your very own magic cocoa beans or perhaps COFFEE, click down there.

Official Website:

Please enjoy the following images in honor of coffee.

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