Extreme Adventures- Snake Edition


Here’s a picture of me holding a snake.

It’s what I did yesterday.

I was on an extreme adventure.

Actually, I was at my brother’s house, but anyone who knows him, knows THAT in itself is always good for an extreme adventure.

I’m a little disappointed that he took a CLOSE-UP of me and Mr. Snake and not only because I have old lady lines on my face and a double chin either, but actually because you can’t see how ginormous this guy actually was. He hung down to my waist, so I’d say he was probably a 2.5 footer.



Note- If you didn’t hear the above in Steve Irwin’s voice, go back and read it again, mate. I’ll wait for you.

Steve-o (that’s what his mates called him) is 100% responsible for my affection towards snakes.

I heart the Crocodile Hunter. Pitter patter…


In fact, it was he who taught me how to wrangle a viper with a busy stick. (You swiftly secure him behind the head with the bushy stick and quick grab him by the tail then (even quicker) behind the neck.

*If you get bit… no biggie. It’s only a garter snake for Gods sake.

I mean child #3 bit a helluva lot harder than that when he was breastfeeding and the nipple is like, I’d say, a kazillion times more sensitive than a finger.


Women are TOUGH muthers. (Grunt-grunt-grunt-grunt)

Anyway, I didn’t catch this guy, so I can’t take capture credit for this one.

My brother wrangled him and then we quick… swapped the camera for the snake.


A beautiful nature moment. Ahhh…

I was going to use it as my profile pic, but I just changed my profile pic to me and my daughter yesterday and it would be rude to boot her for a serpent.


I’m an extremely thoughtful mom like that.

On a closing note, I suppose it’s best that I don’t live in the south where gators roam as freely as garter snakes.

I’ve watched so much Crocodile Hunter I’m fairly certain I could nab a small one all by myself.

And, you just never know when the adventure women in me’s gonna barrel out all uninvited.

So, yes… It’s probably best that I stay planted right here in New York.

G’Day mates.

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