I am the Pinterest Police


Reported on Pinterest.

No shit.

Which tickles my funny bone, because I was reported for sexually explicit content.

Wait. What?

Have you seen the Extreme Mom Pinterest board- Extreme Mom This and That?

It’s a joke in the most literal sense.

As you’d expect, it’s quirky, silly, slightly off color and hilarious.


I cannot for the life of me figure out WHICH pin even bordered on offensive… in the sexual sense.


Did Big Bird take off his shirt?

I’m like the biggest prude on there.

And, PROUD of it.

I’m an admitted whistle-blower of anything and everything sexually inappropriate on that particular site.

It’s Pinterest for Gods sake . Keep it squeaky clean.


I began my fictitious career as a self-appointed Pinterest Patrol Officer when this pervert guy kept pinning skadly dressed bathing beauties in compromising positions to a group board I belong to called Beaches Beaches Beaches.

Shared or group boards are where there are several contributors.

As obvious as it sounds, the theme of this particular board is sand, surf, sunsets and NOT sleazy girls named Suzy straddling starfish.


Having these uninvited images pop up on MY Pinterest feed made me downright angry.

Who was this creep?

What-in-the-Hell’s his deal?

Does he not know the Internet is saturated with filthy sex sites for his viewing pleasure?

This is Pinterest… dammit!

I could’ve deleted the board and washed my hands of the perv, but no. Not me. I loaded both holsters and went after this guys nuts right through cyber space.


He was violating the peace and serenity of a public board with his smut…. THAT’S why.

The nutcrackers jaws were hungry.

Chomp. chomp.

*First things first. Scroll through and report every single one of his inappropriate pin-up ladies.

*Make sarcastic, rude comments that are funny-as-hell on all of his pins.

So he shines brightly in the spotlight like the sicko pervert that he is.


*Number two- check his OTHER boards, even the ones you don’t follow because wth… you’re doing others a public service, right?


Do not leave any stone unturned.

I would’ve made a kick-ass detective.

*Number three- create and post a graphic for the PUBLIC that explains exactly HOW TO REPORT inappropriate pins.

Note- Feel free to copy, paste and SHARE this beauty.


You’re most welcome.

More public service.

I’m an excellent citizen.

*Number four- create and plaster said board with personalized warning graphics bearing HIS name and hope he doesn’t hunt you down and kill you.

Expose him.

Hide and say a few prayers.

Giggle a little bit.


In the end, it took somewhere around the vicinity of two weeks to have him removed.

But, I did it.

Then it happened again.

Different board. Different person.

Here we go again.

Good shall prevail over evil.


Plus, it was an excellent outlet for my PMS.

Do not mess with me when I have PMS.

Pinterest is safe.

For now.

You’re very welcome. It was my pleasure.

Also, check out my board Extreme Mom- This & That.


It’s fun and FREE of sexual content.

The End.

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2 thoughts on “I am the Pinterest Police

  1. What? Seriously?


    Is it possible that someone was on a tablet and hit the report button by accident? I know it happened to me in Google+. My mom accidentally reported a pic of my son because she touched the report icon (bless my mom and her “untechnologicallness”). Anyway, turned out that while on her tablet, she didn’t have to write a reason or confirm or anything, just had to touch the icon.


    • Anything’s possible. Tablets are indeed quite slippery!! I once accidentally gave someone a FavStar trophy for an incredibly lame tweet. It was horrifying!


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