Ghetto Garage Sale Adventures

Stuff you can only find at the World’s Largest Garage Sale…
*That wasn’t actually the World’s Largest Garage Sale… in my personal experience in dealing with global junk.*
A more accurate name would have been… The CNY Trash Picking Convention.
It wasn’t a total loss though, as I did score a totally righteous Jurassic Park lunch box, complete with thermos for $1.
Diva #13 is a HUGE Jurassic Park fan, so she was very excited.
Random fact- I can recite most of the dialogue from this first movie word-for-word.
You do NOT want to watch this movie with me.
I’m annoying as hell, which also means exceptionally gifted in everything and anything JP.
My 19 year old was obsessed for awhile as well, so I’ve seen it like a bazillion times.
A bazillion is larger than a gazillion in case you’re wondering.
It’s called Extreme Math.
Of course.
Dr. Grant- Where does he think he’s going?
Dr. Malcolm- When you gotta go, you gotta go.
*T-Rex then grabs Gennaro out of the outhouse by the head. CHOMP. CHOMP.
I had to throw that in there.
I also acquired GIANT dog and cat magnets for $1 that are useful for hiding dings and dents on your less than mint vehicle.
That would be mine.
Lastly, I got a fake silver butter dish for $2 that’s made out of some kind of metal that’s not silver, so hopefully  it’s dog proof.
Butter dishes seem to be disposable in our home.
My animals LOVE butter. In fact, they’ll go to extreme measures to score the butter dish.
By extreme I mean the dogs even team up with that-goddamned-cat.
I’m pretty sure that-goddamned-cat is the push-it-off-the-counter guy and the dog’s are responsible for the rest.
Which includes… getting caught.
I’m fairly certain this is the main and only reason that-goddamned-cat helps the dogs.
Everyone knows cats are self-centered assholes.
Also, CAUGHT  is the next best thing to dead, so I suppose that-goddamned-cat gets immense satisfaction from this.
Anyway, I’ll let you know how long THIS one lasts.
Also, I am accepting spare butter dishes, if you should happen to run across one at a big trash-picking convention.
To the bone-head who comments, “Why don’t you just keep the butter dish in the fridge or somewhere safe?”
Shut the hell up.
It’s one of those lost battles. Six people… we all like our butter soft.
Also, ADHD is involved here.
So, shut the hell up.
Onward to Shit that you can only find at the World’s Largest Garage Sale (that’s actually an overpriced trash-picking convention for rednecks and me)
*USED rat traps $1 each. (Dried guts included… zoom in)
The big question- How much do they cost NEW?
Look for a snake skinned jacket, hot rollers from 1970, a duct tape cheetah purse, a boat exhaust, GIANT fork and spoon set, a marble gun ashtray, ET salt shaker and ruby slippers in a child’s size 8.
Let’s go dumpster diving!!

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