Utah is near Jupiter… I think


Poor poor Miss Utah.

I can totally relate to opening my mouth without asking the brain permission first.

Except, not in front of a zillion people.


Like the other day when I was bike riding with my hubinator, he said “It’s cool when you can see the moon during the day.”

The moon was indeed visible and it was lovely.

So my mouth BLURTS out- That’s not the moon, it’s Jupiter!!

My brain was like- w. t. f ???



Where do you even come up with these things?

Then brain then concluded that the mouth meant Venus and then the brain and the mouth laughed and laughed and laughed…


It’s an awesome state to be in when you can entertain yourself.

Some people also refer to that gift as ADHD.


People from Jupiter are not necessarily stupider.

14 thoughts on “Utah is near Jupiter… I think

  1. The ability to entertain ones self if is a trait with the ADHD. It is for this reason, that we will sometimes be talking to ourselves. I was once asked “Tom, Why are you talking to yourself?” My response was simply to say, “Because I just happen to be the most interesting person in the room”


    • Absolutely! Can’t argue with that logic. I also catch myself skimming my own posts when I’m bored. Nobody trips my sense of humor quite like ME, which is also probably why my favorites usually only get a couple of likes.

      ADHD=Awesome, indeed.



      I feel like a complete ass to admit that, but I sometimes do that myself. I read my own post like 5 or 6 months later and I laugh my ass off. People may find that ridiculous, but to them I will say dont judge me until you have walked a mile in my awesomeness.

      Gina, how is it that we just met today


    • I’m not entirely certain how it is that we JUST met. I feel like I’ve known you like… forever.

      Perhaps we’re the same person in a parallel universe. THAT would make sense. 🙂


    • I have to say that explanation is the only one that seems to make any sense.

      I follow very few, some simply out if courtesy. Consider yourself exempt from that distinction. I hope you continue to do it more.


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