Princess Book Covers and Pink Bras


Son- Mom, I need a book cover TODAY.

*No biggie, because OF COURSE this mom of four has a large stash of school supplies.

Me- Here. You pick.

(sets down heap of assorted book covers including Disney Princesses.

Later, I put away heap of book covers minus Disney Princesses.

*mental slap*

Of COURSE, he did.

This is the same kid who wore a pink bra to finals in 8th grade.


He’s 100% MY kid.

Proud or horrified?


(((I love him )))

He continually gives me the gift of LAUGHTER.

3 thoughts on “Princess Book Covers and Pink Bras

  1. I’m so glad that I’m not the only school supply hoarder. In my defense, I am a mother and a teacher…but I still have roughly 20x what I should. Seriously…I still have enough for both my kids and students, to get me through at least three more years, but you bet your ass I’ll hit the Back-to-School sales like a crazy person. *sigh* I need help.


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