Makeup Brush Madness

Who needs 50 different brushes to apply makeup?
Michelangelo probably used fewer brushes to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, for Gods sake.
Target has a makeup brush display larger than both of my bathrooms… combined.
… And that’s JUST brushes mind you.
Something like a gazillion and three different tools to apply your face.
One brush at Sephora- $27
No. way. in. hell.
 Who’s face is THAT bad?
Ok. There are some ladies…
Can I suggest putting the extra cash toward actual heavy duty industrial strength foundation then?
This seems to make more sense.
Back in my day we used the skimpy FREE brush that came in the makeup and if we happened to lose it we used our fingers.
No biggie.
I still do.
Modern day Diva’s have absolutely no imagination or sense if ingenuity.
Clearly this isn’t a generation that would fare well on Survivor.
Furthermore, OUR generation (the generation of Awesomeness) had to walk 100 miles uphill in knee deep snow without Ugg’s (we had the $10 Kmart special snowmobile boots that were so heavy you felt like you had barbells strapped to your feet) to get to school… so our makeup was melted off by the time we got there anyway.
I call this makeup brush profiteering.
Shame on you, corporate America and the rest of the world.
It’s also exploitation of a generation that buys anything and everything and whose unlikely to have two wooden nickels to rub together by the time they reach the tender age of 20.
Broke, beautiful and brain dead.

3 thoughts on “Makeup Brush Madness

  1. It’s not always about the vanity. I played the corporate game for years, doing that uphill trek to the big office. And part of the price of admission was looking the part. No, I’m not going to whine about the unfair, judgmental, two-faced treatment applied to women. It was there, I dealt with it, got the $27 Sephora brush, and moved on — not broke, definitely not beautiful, and (hopefully) not brain dead. Two years ago, I had kept score enough and I walked away. I didn’t bring the brushes (or any of the rest of it) and haven’t worn makeup since. I don’t regret the years getting to the top, and I don’t miss being there.


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