Strike Three… Keurig

I dusted off my $10 Sunbeam coffee pot yesterday.

Okay, scrubbed. I SCRUBBED the fuzz out of it.
Which incidentally, only takes like three days (or weeks) to grow.
Four carpets shampooed by noon.
The Keurig is a wuss.
I knew that.
I understand that some of you enjoy the pansy-ass over-priced K machine.
I, apparently require the BIG guns for optimal performance.
Military grade assault weapons.
I guess some of us are lucky enough to operate on cutsie little AAA batteries while others (me) need the bad ass turbo jet engine caliber battery pack, plus 200 additional joules of defibrillated resurrection.
Some days it sucks to be a zombie.
Hit me, Joe!!

9 thoughts on “Strike Three… Keurig

  1. Thank you thank you. I knew I loved you. I thought I was the ONLY one (yet again) who didn’t get the appeal of the one-at-a-time Krap-ig. My sister has it, I have to make TWO at a time just to be realistic. I use a GIANT Big-Gulp sized mug at home, with 2 little ones I need caffeine fast and furiously. Next time I stay at her lake house, I think I’ll look for Vivaran caffeine pills, cut em up and snort them with a straw off the counter right in the front of that slow-ass coffee dripper.


  2. I will cop to the fact that I completely schedule my oil changes around who has the best free coffee with sugar-crack creamer. Mind you…I’m not supposed to drink coffee, so I won’t go buy it, but I think if I get it free…it somehow magically doesn’t trigger an ulcer, because it doesn’t count.


  3. My husband drinks gentle, delicately brownish, see-threw brew that makes no demands on his heart or his kidneys. I drink a pitch black attitude adjuster that comes out barking and has to be cut off with a scissors. Obviously, two different pots are involved.


  4. I feel the same way. We got a Keurig for a wedding shower gift and ever since we switched I really, really miss drinking an entire pot of coffee by myself on a Saturday morning. I let my fiancé take our super nice, nothing wrong with it, “old” coffee maker to work with him 😦 We bought the little adapter cup to brew our own coffee…. one 12oz cup at a time. *sigh*


  5. I can’t imagine how much it would cost to feed my coffee habit, if I had to pay for it one little “k-cup” at a time!! lol When it comes to coffee, my motto is, “Go big, or go home!”


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