Skinny Wrap- Take Two!!


Skinny wrap FOLLOW-UP… Finally
Last Friday evening (yes, seven days ago… I’m very very behind) marked the recommended 48 hour point- following my “IT works” wrap adventure.
That’s when you’re supposed to remeasure and take an AFTER set of photos.
Photos- God help me.
Except, fortunately I was indisposed until late that  evening, so it didn’t exactly happen.
Experiment blown.
I was freezing my butt off in 40 degree blowing rain for six hours watching my son’s track finals, THAT’S where I was.
When I finally got home somewhere around the ballpark-ish time of 9 pm and partially disrobed, I had a belly full of clothing lines from the four layers I was wearing.
Not an entirely ideal photo op.
By partially disrobed, I mean I wore the bottom two layers to bed because I was THAT frozen.
I often sleep like Nanook of the North because I so hate to be cold.
Also, the clothing created belly lines would’ve completely distorted the smoothness of my skin thus blowing the consistent variables of this experiment right outta the water.
I’m a stickler for details, but only when referring to the almighty scientific method.
The rest of the time I’m an approximator who’s very easily distracted.
Look… a bird.
The bottom line…  Yes, I feel skinnier!!
Not like Anne Hathaway skinny, but definitely less squishy and soft.
I’ll take it.
Highly recommend.
Order one right now.
Perhaps after a few more wrap sessions, I will emerge with Anne’s skinny belly.
I’m pretty confident, actually.
THEN, I’ll be sure to black out the crucial 48 hour milestone, from all painful and distracting sporting events, so I can show off my sexy abs.
I’m almost there.
That means I’m somewhere between Shrek, Anne Hathaway and The Incredible Hulk.
In other words… a sexy monster to be feared.



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