A Day Off… Really?

The nest was blissfully peaceful this weekend.
By blissful, I mean empty.
Kind of.
My two youngest (loudest and most demanding) chicks went to visit my sister for the long holiday weekend.
We’ll refer to her as Aunt Lunatic to protect Cheryl’s identity.
 It was definitely a nice reprieve from cooking and taxiing them around to the usual… EVERYwhere.
My oldest two were home, but much lower maintenance, which is probably why they aren’t the main characters in too many of my stories.
High five, God.
 Also thankfully, my hubinator is content to eat Lucky Charms when I take the day off, which is absolutely one of the top three reasons I married him.
The other two reasons were not flawless DNA or… unflawless DNA.The bonus here is that I got a much needed reprieve from my student driver – Big Kahuna #16.If you’re lost, this is what I affectionately call my 16 year old, on account of he has big one
Lucky for me, *insert SARCASM here* I’m his Driving Instructor Sargent or just simply… the over-protective bitch.
Whatever works.By driving instructor,  I mean when I curl up into fetal position in the passengers seat and recite the rosary.
I needed a white knuckle break really bad.
Hopefully, the one nerve I had left regenerated itself, leaving me with two, in which to rub together in times of crisis… which is pretty much every day.
Sometimes even hourly.
Everyone with teenagers should have a spare nerve.
imagesCALC8TBRIt’s highly recommended and necessary if one wants to preserve a smidgen of sanity.
Naturally, there’s a down side to my much needed siesta. 
Aunt Lunatic is an organized, immaculate housekeeper and kid pleasing maniac, THAT’S what.
So pretty much, she’s my polar opposite.
If I had a penny for every time I’ve been forced to say, “Then go live with Aunt Lunatic”, I’d probably have enough money to ship them both to an unfortunate childless couple on the other side of the globe.
Not that I had previously calculated that particular expense or even been tempted to.
I think the point I was trying to make here is utter thankfulness for a free chunk of time where I wasn’t being pecked by ducks.
I’ll take it.

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