The Ugly Truth about Mother’s Day


Now that we’ve all had some time to recover, I think it’s time to talk about why Mother’s Day sucks rotten eggs and stinky baseball cleats.

Better yet, let’s have a “My Mother’s Day Sucked Worse than Yours” contest.

I’ll try not to win THIS one.

It’s like this…

You’re mom- The Family Goddess, Supreme Ruler of the Kingdom, The Almighty Healer of EVERYTHING that goes awry.

You’re pretty much the shit.

Nobody can begin to do it quite like you do.


Men and children (yes, they belong in the same category) are dropped on this planet oblivious and many never overcome this perpetual state of cluelessness.

It’s okay because we love them dearly.

Mom’s clearly have the edge. It’s just the way it is.

The good news is, it’s UNIVERSAL and misery loves company.

(((group hug, neighbor)))

I remember having big hopes and dreams for a perfect Mother’s Day filled with rest, peace and pampering, just like the dorky Hallmark commercials.

Then Mother Nature laughed..


Good one, but no. Not unless you clone yourself.

Dear Hallmark, you’re a bunch of dream shattering lying bastards and I hope you get a paper cut on your eyeball from one of your own over dramatized and sappy cards.

Let’s scratch out REST.


The Stages of Mothers Day-

When your offspring are still lovable tator tots, you may get breakfast in bed which consists of Frootloops, coffee, a hand picked daffodil and a gluey mess of a card they made in school. (thank you teachers)

I’m not really sure it ever get’s better than THIS.

Embrace this, because THIS is IT.

Then they get older.

The coveted handmade gifts and cards come to a screeching halt and they may or may not stick around for breakfast.


If you’re lucky, they take you out to breakfast and Big Daddy pays.

The thoughtful bucket has sprung a leak. From here on end, it’s all down hill.

Now, you’ve become grateful if they can manage to refrain from swearing and fist-fighting in your presence for one lousy day and possibly show a shred of appreciation for good measure.

You taught them better, right?

Crap. Now you’re guilty of THAT too.

They suck and it’s all YOUR fault.

It’s the full circle of always-the-moms-fault.

Which is why I’ve adopted the proactive approach to Mother’s Day.

It doesn’t feel right to unleash my brood into the world until they’re properly trained in Mother’s Day etiquette.

Their spouses will thank me some day and if they don’t, obviously it’s their mothers fault.

*giggle of irony*

I gave each of my four children a sort of multiple choice list of (mostly) stuff I’d like done around the house, and for my artistic girls, drawings and such that I’d enjoy.

Easy peasy. Spelled it right out.

Are you ready for my miserable report?

#3 finished vacuuming at 10 pm Mother’s Day night and only because I lost my shit.

#2 completed 50% of his offerings. He washed the dogs. I’ll take it.

And, #1 and #4 have been granted extensions because no way am I letting them off the hook.

So there you have it.  The ugly truth.

My rug is clean and my dogs don’t stink. At least we’re making progress.

I guess they REALLY don’t know what to do or how to act without the Queens guidance, which is why I will always reign as Almighty Mom-  Supreme Ruler of the Kingdom.

It’s a mom thing…

Welcome to the club.

How was YOUR Mother’s Day?

16 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth about Mother’s Day

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  2. As a man-child, I have to agree with you…my poor wife asked for one single thing and the kiddos and I managed to eff that up completely. Although, she did receive the obligatiry brunch in an overly crowded restaurant, and the glue crafts were abundant, she didn’t seem happy…In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have picked that day to have her cleaning grout joints with her toothbrush…as usual, a great read!


  3. I’m in the “I made you a card covered in glitter and managed to not throw up breakfast on you today” mode with a 6 year old and set of 2 year old twins. If we can make it through the day without someone screaming in my ear about how much I suck, I call that a win.


  4. I think I was most disappointed that the teachers at preschool bombed on Mother’s Day crafts this year. I was really looking forward to something cute with a handprint on it, etc. Nope. Daddy is useless in the craft department so that was a big dud to get the card that I know he raced to the store on Saturday night to pick up — i.e. “Home Depot” yadda, yadda excuse. I found the receipt that he left ON THE COUNTER. Anywhoooo … no breakfast of random kid food. I microwaved my own leftovers from dinner three nights before for breakfast because my kid ate cereal and my husband only moved the couch to sleep on Sunday morning. Not cool. Then, we went bowling (yes, bowling) with the mother-in-law. Awesome. Not. I will settle that my 4 year old told me that he wanted to get me shoes that light up like his Lightning McQueen sneakers. I would like that, right?


  5. I love this! Spell it out for them, I totally agree. Mine is young enough that I’m OK with just a card from the teacher – you know what I mean – and she brought home a clay pot from school that she made but it wasn’t ready til this Monday. Ah, well. Better late! :> Also? She gave me one of her bracelets to wear, my fave color, the green one, and that worked, too. 🙂 Happy belated Mom’s Day! Hope you enjoyed some and get your last two requests soon!


    • Loved the days of home-made cards and pottery!!

      I’m currently at peace with where my kiddos fall on the spectrum of gawd awful teen development. It’s LIFE and we’re blessed in so many ways.

      Hopefully, this post will smooth the way for any moms feeling slighted.

      We’re all in this together. ❤


  6. This is great! My mothers day kind of sucked too. No card, nothing from my kids but a hug and temper tantrums Its as if the GODS realized it was supposed to by my ONE DAY per YEAR and decided to show me how good all the other days are in comparison. Hmm… Ill have to think about that one.


    • I like your way of thinking!

      I also think there are a lot more lonely distraught moms on Mother’s Day than we realize. It’s not something we’re used to talking about, but maybe we should. 🙂


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