Big Kahunas goes Driving


From this day forward my 16 y/o son shall be referred to as… Big Kahunas #16.

*As defined by Urban Dictionary, NOT to be mistaken with a cool Hawaiian spiritual guy.

Although, should you mistaken it with Kahuna, as in the Australian slang word for penis, you might be are on the right track.

Honestly, I didn’t wake up this morning thinking… Today would be a great day to make up a fun new name for my youngest boy, also known as #16.

Nope. #16 has his drivers permit and we went DRIVING.

THAT’S what happened.

*Over the speed limit.

* Not coming to a complete stop.

*Failure to use directional.

*Not looking before changing lanes.

ALL within a short ride around the block.

The Block from HELL. 

“But Moommm!!… you do it all the time!”

I think this is where, “Do as I SAY, not as I DO” comes into play.

My default response being, “When you’ve been driving for 30ish years, have something like a gazillion street hours under your belt and still haven’t killed anyone or lost your driving privileges AND, you pay your own car insurance, THEN and only THEN, will you have the RIGHT to drive like an asshole. An EXPERIENCED asshole.

It takes Big Kahunas, ladies and gentlemen.

Testosterone is a dangerous muthersucker.

The Christmas tree air freshener people should really consider making  little XANAX scented  palm trees for moms teaching their sons to drive. 

There would be a pre-filled flask in the tree trunk, but that…  goes without saying.



8 thoughts on “Big Kahunas goes Driving

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  4. LOL I can totally relate – although my husband is the one learning to drive at the tender age of 33 and he is a terrible back seat driver, way to confident, I am paying for lessons and tests and he is labouring under the misaprehension that I will permit him to drive my beloved car Buttercup. Good lock and if you have any tips on how to curb the enthusiasm of a learner driver – let me know!!!


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