Purple migRAAAAAINe…. !!!


I’m having a deep dark purple migraine experience.

I don’t just get headaches, I get something like a sensory explosion, which I like to refer to as a migraine EXPERIENCE.

My experiences aren’t always in color, but this one definitely is.

My thoughts are even in purple.

In fact, it’s the EXACT shade of purple as my girlfriend’s bridesmaids dresses back in 1990.

They were lovely (and she’s totally gonna kill me)

This is also, most likely the reason her marriage erupted into a big puff of purple smoke.

Never ever chose bridesmaids dresses in a migraine color.


I thought everyone knew that.

Lastly, the purple demon in my cerebellum is actually responsible for writing this ridiculous passage, so please forward any comments and or complaints to her.

The purple people (and brain) eater.

Thank you.

PS- I just mistook the dog for my dead cat. This is a weird one.

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