The Bunny Who Pooped Jellybeans


How to Upscale (fancy pants name for recycle) your broken Easter decorations.

There’s no tutorial.

Just a photo for the simple-minded and you smarty-pants people.

His tail fell off.

I’m not entirely sure how, but I have a few theories:

*One of the kids threw him off the nearest cliff for stealing their Trix cereal. (Silly rabbit… LOOK OUT BELOOOOOOW!!)

*The dog ate  it. (He’ll pretty much eat anything. Nom! Nom! Nom!)

*It’s part of the resin bunny life cycle (on your 10th Easter, your tail shall drop off. Rejoice. It could have been your… !! )

*It was shot off by bad guys when the bunny kung-fu kicked the giant boulder blocking Jesus’s tomb, thereby freeing him, and saving your sorry soul from Hell and the flames of eternal damnation. (Breathe..)

*Jabba the Easter bread ATE it. (Very likely. They were in the same room. Plus, look a Jabba’s belly)

*Peter Rabbit is actually a SHE, and SHE lost it during labor and delivery. We all know how traumatic THAT can be, and plus, I think rabbits have like a kazillion babies.

(She could probably shoot candy apple bombs outta there when she sneezes… )

Never mind.

The End.

2 thoughts on “The Bunny Who Pooped Jellybeans

    • If you compare the photos side by side, it fits as perfectly as the last puzzle piece. Exhibit A- the missing bunny tail is the exact size and shape of the accused’s tum tum. 🙂


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