I’ll Take the Tacky 6 foot Flamingos for $200, Alex…

I have a Facebook pop-up ad at the top of my newsfeed asking if I’d like to send my husband a special Facebook Valentine cookie for $1.

Who does this???

We have real edible cookies in the kitchen. … Plus, we’re married 21 years or something like a zillion days.

If I want to post a picture of a cookie on his page, I’ll copy & paste it myself.

I’m frugal like that.

Furthermore, my hubinator’s in the other room in the physical sense.  

Sure, I text the kids to dinner every once in a while, but that’s different.

Get off your lazy butt and get your hubby a love Oreo??

Wait. What?

Don’t fall for this, you guys.

Facebook is dumb.

Valentine’s Day is dumber.

I outlawed token Valentine’s gifts back in the stone age… or the 90’s.

The way I see it… when you’re married, you share pretty much everything, so I choose to bank my Valentine’s Day credits to spend on something frivolous when we both least expect it.

“Honey, I NEEDED that 6 foot metal flamingo for the garden. It was calling my name. Also, it needed a friend and $200 was a steal. Love you!!”

PS- let me know if you stumble upon any 6 ft metal flamingo families. Preferably the kind that light up. (I’m thinking, possibly, The Christmas Tree Shop)

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. ♥


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