My Bitchin’ New Phone


Yesterday, I was going to write a BRAG post about leaving a  particular gift shop EMPTY handed.

It almost happened.

This gold mine called Colozzi’s Party Card Shop has EVERYTHING you never even knew you needed.

Stuff you didn’t even know existed.

I spend a lot of money in there.


Anyway, my daughter picked out a cool locker magnet that was $4.99.

We all know if your using your debit or credit card, you never just charge $4.99.

It’s some kind of shopping code created by the irresponsible impulsive spenders of the world.

I’m an honorary member of this group.

I looked around for a bit, and there IT was.

The BEST $15.99 I’d ever spend. (this week) <– I put that in parenthesis because I’m EXCITED, but chances are, next week something even more fabulous will turn up.

You’re on the edge of your seat.

Me too!!

I love a good shopping story.

Wait for it…

An old fashioned telephone receiver that plugs into your cell phone!! In bitchin’ hot pink.


At this point, I’m dancing around the store.

If you call my iPhone, you KNOW that I will mute our conversation or hang up on you every. single. time.

Actually, it’s my big fat ear that does it and I’m actually totally oblivious.

“Mom, mom, mom, mom!! You did it AGAIN. I can’t hear you!”

Me – Ohhhhhhhh…

This perfectly designed receiver from back in the day is perfectly proportioned, so your ear is on the actual hearing end and your mouth is on the talking end.


I love my new receiver.

Love ♥ love ♥ love!!

Also, I bought a new purse, because I was currently using a wallet on a string and no way was my large-as-life pretty pink receiver gonna fit in that little thing.

Besides, who doesn’t need a new purse?

Anyway, I plugged it in and stuck it in my new purse. On the way home my other daughter called.

Answering my phone was very exciting.

I’m not gonna lie, I felt like Maxwell Smart, but way cooler.


I might start answering my phone now.

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