GI Joe prefers Rolaids


I’m trying to write a blog called…

Alternate uses for crappy valentine heart candy because they SUCK, but I’m stumped.

Probably because they suck.

These are the ONLY uses I could come up with that are worth mentioning…

*Pacemaker for GI Joe (He’s certainly due for a tune up by now)

Wait. Do they even make GI Joe anymore?

The GI Joe I remember had scars on his face and guns.

Lots of fire power.

L*Note- guns were acceptable in the 70’s probably because this new strain of Bat Shit Crazy hadn’t surfaced in people yet.

My personal theory and also a bummer for society.

*Point- I liked my Barbie to date the neighbors (<-Mike Zagorski) GI Joe, because Ken was a total dork face.

I even recognized this as a child. (possible RED flag)

Back to sucky valentine heart candy that are useless.

As CANDY they’re a big fat fail, but as an antacid they have potential.

I for one, would enjoy Rolaids a helluva lot more if they were shaped like a heart and said HOT CAKES.

Also, I’d much rather get a bottle of Rolaids for Valentine’s Day.

True story.

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