Candyland Dreams


If you wake up twice during the night to let the dogs out and appropriately award yourself a fun size Kit Kat for each interruption of your slumber, you may wake in a sugar coma.

I envision my veins as a long flexible pixie sticks flowing with rainbow colored glucose dust.

It sounds delicious, but take my word for it, I feel like I’m stuck in Mr Glumpy’s Candyland swamp.

I’m not completely certain that’s his name.

Mr. Gloppy or Mr. Gloopy.

I’m too lazy to Google it.

By lazy, I mean my blood sugar’s probably somewhere in the 600’s. Lucifer dipped in chocolate. 666.

Anyway, the sinister looking guy from the very beginning of the game, where if you draw his card, you get sent ALL the way back to the beginning, and your kids fall off their chairs laughing and snorting.

Goes without saying, that when THEY draw Mr. GlueFace’s evil card they quit.

Game over.

I’m not completely sure where this post was heading, but I’m certain I’ve taken a detour through Grandma’s Nut’s Cuckoo nest.

In search of an insulin-infused candy bar.

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