Are you there God?

Are you there God it’s me, Margaret. (It’s actually, Gina but he knows that because duh, he’s God)

Good news- this ISN’T about my period again. It’s just a simple request if you’re taking them today.

Today, doesn’t work for me for the whole migraine thing. If possible, I’d like to reschedule it for say, a Monday.

Migraines are definitely a Monday kinda thing.

My son has a wrestling tournament today. One of those all day deals that actually feels like a month, one complete menstrual cycle or the lifespan of a fly. (Roughly 21- 28 days)

Roughly <–That means GUESStimate.

In other words, this isn’t an exam on houseflies wearing Kotex, it’s a just silly random statement because I love those.

The point is… turn the buzzing off in my head. It’s aggravating the premenstrual flies.


*Note- “Are you there God, it’s me Margaret” is a book about periods and kissing boys by Judy Blume.

When I was in 5th grade, you had to be on the library’s waiting list (which was something like 1 week or 100 years) to check it out.

Also, you weren’t allowed to let the boys or adults see it, because it was kinda like porn.

Good times.


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